„The Town Fell Asleep“ is one of the most popular psychological games in the world with more than 100 different ways to play it. All of them fit into one of the most well-known names – „Mafia“. „The town fell asleep“ is a combination of various „Mafia“ game modes with the most interesting characters, combined in one game for the first time.

Game Description:

In the game, all participants are residents of a town that looks calm and pleasant, but like every small town, it has its own secrets. One night the mafia moved in to the town. Each member of the mafia is sneaky and twisted – nobody knows who they are – they pretend to be ordinary residents of the town, but when the night comes, they come out in to the streets and drop their act. After each tense night, when the town was asleep, a corpse is found in the morning. The town’s residents then hold a meeting, which, of course, also involves the blended in members of the mafia. Perhaps because of the tension and fear, or even out of desperate desire to live as they did before, the inhabitants of the town decide on a strange decision: each day to eliminate a suspected mafia member from the town. Only the most shifty and smart inhabitants will remain to live in the town. But in the end, maybe the smartest really are the mafia after all?

The Goal of the Game:

In the game you will be randomly selected to represent one of the several sides: good, bad or neutral.

The good (townspeople and other good players) win when all mafia members are eliminated from the town.

The bad guys (the mafia and their supporters) win when the city does not have any more good citizens or there are not enough to get the majority to vote against the mafia.

Neutral (the loner and his coplayers) – he can be included in the game if the game participants want a challenge and the game principle is already well known to all the players. The neutral wins when three players remain in the game and he is one of them.


  • All participants have to sit in a circle in order to see each other well and not to stay hidden.
  • According to the number of participants, the corresponding number of cards is selected and then mixed (see the table below).
  • It is recommended not to use additional actors for the first game, but to include them when the game is well-understood.
  • Each game must include at least one representative of mafia, police and the doctors.
  • One secret card is distributed to each participant of the game. Only he can see what character he was.
  • The leader can be selected by randomly pulling cards for selection or by simply volunteering before the distribution of the cards.

Distribution of cards according to the number of participants:

Number of participants Number of Mafia Number of police Number of doctors
6–8 1 1 1
8–12 2 1 1–2
12–18 3 1–2 2
18–20 4 2 2
20+ 5-7 3 2

* Each additional player changes the game’s dynamics (helps to the good or bad side), so this table is only approximate. The complexity of the game needs to be adjusted according to the number of participants and additional players. If the participating players are smart, astute and this game is well known to all members of the game, you can increase the number of mafia members or add characters that help the bad guys. If you feel that the mafia has too many wins and it’s hard for the people of the town to win – reduce the number of mafia or add more good players.

Game progress:

The game consists of two repetitive phases:

  1. Night – all characters with exclusive roles carry out their actions.
  2. Day – the inhabitants of the town find out what has happened during night time, and they have to select and eliminate a resident of the town, that is suspected to be a mafia member, from the game.

The game starts at night:

  1. The leader declares that the first night has begun – „the town fell asleep„, then all participants must close their eyes and keep them shut until the leader says „the town is awake„.
  2. The leader says „the mafia wakes up„. All members of mafia must wake up and agree on which city’s inhabitant they want to kill. The mafia shows their choice with gestures, fingers, eyes – so that they do not give away their choice. When the choice is made, the leader says „the mafia fall asleep„.
  3. The leader says, „the doctor (s) is (are) awake.“ The doctors are trying to guess which of the town’s citizens has just been killed, and when they decide, they try to cure him. After choosing, the leader says „the doctor (s) fall asleep„.
  4. The leader says „the police is awake„. The police have to point at a single resident of the town with closed eyes – a suspected mafia. During the day, the leader will have to report whether the police have found a member of mafia or not. When the decision is made, the leader says „the police fall asleep„.
  5. If there are additional characters involved who need to wake up at night, the leader wakes them up one by one, takes not of their choices and tells them to go fall asleep again. This process takes place until all the characters have done their actions once a night.
  6. After all the characters have performed their actions, the leader says „the town is awake.“ All the participants open their eyes, but do not start to debate until the leader presents what has happened on that night.
  7. The leader presents the events of the night:
    • The police guessed / did not recognize the mafia’s representative right.
    • The doctors have cured / did not cure the victim.
    • The mafia killed (say the name of the participant) / did not kill the resident.
    • Name other actions done during the night performed by additional characters.
  8. Only after the leader has presented all the actions, the dead participants flip over their cards and show what characters they were in this game. Then the day’s phase begins. Dead players will no longer be able to speak with the living residents of the city during the rest of the game.

After night allways comes the day phase:

During the day, a town meeting is taking place, in which all the citizens of the town (good, bad and neutral) take part. The aim of the townspeople is to communicate, provoke, lie and ask questions to find out who the mafia is. The goal of the mafia is not to reveal what they are and pretend to be good townspeople.

The leader during the day is only moderating and does not interfere with the discussion. It is advisable to spend 5-10 minutes on one day in order to keep the game running, and then to announce that the day is coming to an end and that voting should take place to take down the most suspicious villager – a potential mafia representative who will be thrown out of the town.

End of day – voting:

Voting is considered accepted when more than half of the participants vote for a particular citizen of the town, suspected to be a mafia member. The leader must then announce that the accused will have to say a defensive speech. The purpose of the defensive speech is to persuade the rest of the town that he is a good character and that the town is making a mistake (the character, even if he is a mafia, has to say a defensive speech). After the defensive speech the leader asks the town if anyone’s opinion has changed. After the defensive speech, if the town still wants to eliminate the accused, he is out of the game. If there is a change of mind – the discussion continues. A new candidate must be nominated, then voted on, and the right to speak a defensive speech is obtained and ect., If after the defensive speech, the player is cast out of the game, the accused must flip over his card, show what he really was and go out of the game. From this moment the eliminated citizen of the town can not communicate with the remaining participants or comment on other actions.

  1. The leader (always participates in the game) – guides the game, is responsible for the time and voting. Has to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to speak a defensive speech. If there is no common agreement, the leader may then and randomly pull out a card of any resident in the town, who, after the day ends, will be killed – eliminated from the game. The leader must be extremely neutral, not to say more than necessary, not to give out the gender of the character, not to disclose any additional information, while speaking with the participants at night, as not to reveal which person he is speaking with.
  2. Mafia (wins, when the bad characters win) – wakes up at night and tries to kill one citizen of a town. During the day, the mafia will find out if they succeeded in killing someone. During the day the mafia pretends to be ordinary townspeople – a good character. They can not disclose their identity until the leader instructs them to flip over their player’s card.
  3. The godfather (mafia) – performs the same actions as the other mafia members. However, if the townspeople decide on killing him at the end of the day, he has immunity. The godfather can not be killed if at least one mafia member is still alive in the game. The godfather dies last.
  4. Police (wins, when the good characters win) – at night, has to select one player, suspected of being a mafia. During the day, the leader tells whether the night guess by the police was successful or not.
  5. Doctor (wins, when the good characters win) – at night, has to choose one player whom the mafia could try to kill, and then attempt to heal him. During the day the leader reports whether the doctor has managed to heal the player.
  6. Hacker (wins, when the good characters win) – at night has to select one player who is gets blocked. The blocked participant will not be able to speak and vote during the next day. The next night, a new person is selected to be blocked.
  7. Detective (wins when the good characters win) – there are two ways for the detectives to play in the game. The first one – the detective knows all the members of the mafia, but can not tell that he is a detective. If at the end of the game the detective remains alive and the mafia loses – the mafia gets the chance for the last shot. If the mafia guesses who the detective was – the mafia wins. The second option – the detective can learn the roles of all the participants. At night, a detective shows at one of the participants, and when the day comes the leader tells what the detective discovered during the night.
  8. The loner (neutral character) – he is neither a mafia nor a citizen. He can win the game if he is the last one not to be killed (can remain one out of three last players, for example, the remaining are a good player, a mafia and a loner, he will be the one to win, because the good and the bad guys did not get the superiority).
  9. Superhero (wins when the good characters win) – The superhero is looking for the mafia at night and is trying to kill the mafia, but he does not know who is who. Therefore, sometimes he hits a good citizen. At night he chooses one participant who is suspected of being a mafia and tries to kill him. If the actions of other actors do not interfere, then in the daytime everyone will find out who was killed.
  10. Townsperson (wins when the good characters win) – has no additional action. Sleeps at night and wakes up only on day time. During the day, the townsperson has one vote and must vote one player out before the end of the day. His goal is to eliminate mafia.
  11. Vampire (wins when the good characters win) – a vampire is a simple citizen, who can become a vampire when he is eliminated during the day. If a vampire never dies, then he wins along with the townspeople. If the vampire is killed by the mafia, then he falls out of the game like other ordinary townspeople. The vampire can choose on what night he wants to revive, that is, not to become a vampire right after he is voted out.
  12. Jesus (wins when the good characters win) – a simple citizen, who rises from the dead three days later.
  13. Armour-clad (wins when the good characters win) is a simple citizen who has armour, so the mafia can not kill him at night. He can only be voted out by the citizens of the town.
  14. Joker (wins when the good characters win) – if the joker is not killed before a certain day (the leader decides on the day before the game), then the remaining players must give their cards to the leader. He mixes them and gives the rest of the living players a new role. The game goes on.
  15. Vudu (chooses whether he wants to be good or bad) – when the voodoo dies, he pins the last pin in to the doll and takes down another person with him. If the voodoo is bad, he does not know who the mafia is, and the mafia also does not know who he is. He wins the game if the mafia wins. Whether the voodoo is good or bad, the leader decides on it before distributing the cards to the participants.
  16. Medium (wins when the good characters win) – at night, selects one player who is already dead (thrown out of the game) and can talk to him. Speaking to the deceased is only done by signs and eyes, not by voice.
  17. Mayor (wins when the good characters win) – at any time during the game he can declare that he is a mayor, and has 3 votes instead of 1 during that day. All 3 votes must be used at the same time, in the same ballot. He can no longer be cured after the proclamation.
  18. The eye (wins when the good characters win) – at night, when the leader tells the mafia to wake up, it can secretly spy and try to look up and see who the mafia is. But if the mafia notices that someone is spying, they can kill him. The aim of the eye is to find out who the mafia is, but not to be seen by the evildoers. During the day, the eye can not reveal what it is and that it got that knowledge by spying – the eye must become a simple citizen.
  19. Thief (chooses whether he wants to be good or bad) – wakes up first at night and points at one of the players. If that player has an action that must be performed that night, he loses the chance to do so. If more than one player has to act, other performers will act normally.

Role modifications that make the game more mafia supported:

  1. Naive policeman – sees all the checked mafia suspects as townspeople. The leader does not say until the end of the game that he was a naive policeman.
  2. Paranoid policeman – sees all the participants as members of mafia. The leader does not tell him that he is paranoid until the end of the game.
  3. Drunken policeman– kills the participant that he was trying to investigate. The leader does not tell him until the end of the game that he is drunk.
  4. The crazy detective – he receives completely random answers from the leader about the players he investigates.
  5. Unfortunate doctor – he takes away the action that had to be done that night from the person he is healing. For example, if it is mafia, he takes away the act of killing, if it is a policeman – he takes away the act of investigation, etc. A physician’s action is not included in the sequence of the night, but if a person was killed, then he can be cured. The leader does not tell him until the end of the game that he is unfortunate.

Game description:

This Mafia adaptation allows all the players to play during the whole game – no one dies. In addition, there is no need for a leader here, so all the participants can play simultaneously. The game works in the same way as the traditional game version, but there are no day / night cycles in this version. Instead, there are three phases of the game and everything happens during the day. The town has three missions to accomplish, and the Mafia is trying to prevent the townspeople from succeeding. There are 3-5 matches during the game. The first team to collected 3 points, will be considered a winner.

Preparation for the game:

Main characters (involved in all the games):

  1. Townsperson – the good player.
  2. Mafia – the bad player.
  3. Detective – a good player. Before the game begins, the detective finds out who the mafia is.
  4. The godfather – is the evil one. If the bad players loose, he has the last chance to shoot the detective. If he succeeds, the mafia wins the game, even if the townspeople have fulfilled all three missions.

*// Additional characters (can be included in the game to reinforce bad or good payers side):

  1. Police (strengthens the townspeople) – the policeman knows who is a detective from the participants. By using this knowledge wisely, the policeman can not only help the detective, but also divert the attention from him – to cheat the mafia.
  2. Hacker (supports the Mafia’s side) – The hacker is a secret spy of the mafia, so the detective will not know who the hacker is. At night, when the mafia members reveal to the detective who they are, the hacker remains unknown.
  3. The loner (strengthens the Mafia’s side) – the loner plays on the side of the mafia and is a bad player, but he is not a real member of the mafia, so he does not open his eyes with the mafia before the game. The mafia does not know who loner is, and he does not know who the mafia is.
  4. Thief (Strengthens the Mafias side) – A thief is a member of the mafia whose goal is to trick a policeman. Before the game, when the detective shows the secret sign (showing a thumb) to the policeman, the thief is showing the same sign. The policeman sees two thumb signs and does not know who is a thief, and who is a detective.

In the game there is always a detective and a godfather. The number of townspeople and the mafia depends on the total number of participants. Additional characters can be added depending on whether you want to strengthen the side of the townspeople or the Mafia.

All participants get a character card, check it and hide it so that no one else sees it. The game begins.

Participants 5-6 7-9 10-13 13-17 17-22 22-30
Number of Mafia 2 3 4 5 6 7

Getting acquainted:

Before starting the game, all the players are given a secret look at their actions. It is not necessary for the leader to do so, the familiarization may be carried out by one of the participants, having their eyes closed. * // symbolizes additional actions that are performed if the respective additional characters are added to the game.

  1. The town fell asleep. Everyone closes their eyes.
  2. The mafia and the godfather wakes up – from now on they will know who belongs to their side. (* // the loner does not open his eyes).
  3. The mafia close their eyes.
  4. The detective opens his eyes.
  5. Everyone stretches their hand against themselves and hold their fist. Those who are mafia are showing thumbs up so that the detective can clearly identify them. (* // Hacker does not give a thumb up, though he also belongs to the Mafia).
  6. The detective closes his eyes.
  7. *// Everyone has their arms stretched out, and the detective along with the thief show a thumb up.
  8. *// The policeman opens his eyes and sees the thumbs up.
  9. *// The detective and the thief put their thumbs down.
  10. Everyone puts their hands down.
  11. Everyone wakes up and the first phase begins.

I phase. Preparing for a mission.

Randomly selected one of the players who will start the game. The selected player has to gather a team of three people who are invited to run the mission. It is also possible to choose yourself for the mission. Then all the participants vote. If more than half of the participants agree with the proposed triple, then begins phase II.

If the majority did not agree with the proposed triple, then the next seated participant clock wise offers a team of three people who will carry out the mission. Then the vote starts again and the whole procedure is repeated until the majority agrees with the proposed triple and then passes to phase II.


If you are not sure about any of the selected players by the leader for the mission, you should oppose the company and vote against. Voting against is not a sign that you are a bad player and you want harm. Experienced players usually vote 3-4 times until a credible team is finally selected. Watch who supports and who disagrees, ask them why they make such decisions. Sometimes the mafia will only vote if there are other mafia members among the elected. Sometimes some participants will never vote, but maybe one of them will be a detective? By monitoring several votes, it is possible to form a circle of suspects and to make decisions about how to deal with them.

II phase. Execution of the mission

The leader takes 5 cards with the words „successful“ and 5 with „unsuccessful“ and gives a pare of two types of cards to the selected mission team. Then, all the participants select one card and then hand the other to the leader – they decide on the mission (the cards can not be returned over in any way!). When the leader receives all the cards, he mixes them and randomly flips them over. This should be done in such a way that it is not clear which card was selected by each team member.

III phase. Mission Results and score counting

If all the cards show „successful“, the mission is considered to have happened. The townspeople win one point.

If at least one card shows „unsuccessful“, the mission is considered to have failed and the point is given to the mafia. If more than 7 players are playing, on the 4th day, 2 cards with the words „unsuccessful“ are required to make the mission unsuccessful and the point is given to the mafia. That is, if on the 4th day one card with the words „unsuccessful“ is placed, the mission will be considered successful and the point will be received by the townspeople.

When the results of the mission are clear, then move to the next day – all three phases are repeated.

IMPORTANT: Every new day, another person becomes a leader going clockwise to the right.

End of the game:

The game ends when the mafia or the townspeople receive 3 points. If the mafia wins, they will be declared winners. If a townsperson wins, then the mafia will have the „last shot“ option and try to guess who the detective is. If the mafia manages to guess who the detective was, the mafia wins, if not – the townspeople win.

Table of days:

This table shows how the number of participants in the mission depends on the number of players, and how much mission participants does the leader needs to choose as well as how many cards with the words „successful“ need to be collected in order for the mission to be considered successful.

For example, If you play with 8-11 players, the leader needs to choose 4 people on the 3rd day (the leader can also choose himself). In order for the townspeople to win a point, all 4 team members must place cards saying „successful“. If at least one „unsuccessful“ card is placed, the point goes to the mafia. When playing on the 4th day, the leader has to select 5 people to complete the mission. It is then enough to place 4 „successful“ cards for the townspeople to get a point. On that day, the mafia needs at least 2 „unsuccessful“ cards to win a point. This exception is valid only on 4th day, and only if there are more than 7 players playing.


Participants Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
5 2–2 3–3 2–2 3–3 3–3
6 2–2 3–3 4–4 3–3 4–4
7 2–2 3–3 3–3 4–3 4–4
8–11 3–3 4–4 4–4 5–4 5–5
12–16 3–3 4–4 5–5 5–4 5–5
16–20 4–4 4–4 5–5 6–5 6–6
20–25 4–4 5–5 6–6 6–4 6–6
25–30 5–5 6–6 6–6 7–6 7–7

This is an active version of the mafia game where you do not have to sit on the spot, but you will have to kill using both hands! Before playing this version of the game, first it is recommended that you read the rules of the main game version. This description shows the peculiarities of the mafia game in the dark, but does not cover all general rules. The game is similar to the main version, but instead of sitting and communicating, all players have to move actively.


The game needs a room that has a possibility to darken all the windows, so that there is a complete darkness inside. It is also possible to play by having some sort of cover on the eyes.

During the game, you can not talk or let out any sounds associated with the game (for example screaming „someone is killing me!“, Etc.).

The number of mafia and additional characters is selected based on the total number of players.

Number of participants

Number of mafia

Number of doctors
















Before the game begins, the mafia is familiarised with each other. All the participants close their eyes and then only the members of the mafia are able to look at each other and then close their eyes again. Then all the players open their eyes and the game begins.


Mafia – looks for victims at night and kills them by brushing their finger through the victims neck(throat). If the Mafia kills another Mafia that kill does not count. Mafia member can not kill another Mafia member during the night.

Townsperson – his goal is not to be killed. If he feels the touch of a mafia near the neck, he must squat down in the same place as he stands, and wait until he is cured or until he is found as a corpse. The only way for the townspeople to win is to find the corpses. In the dark the townsperson looks for corpses and when he finds he cries out „murder!“ with all his voice.

Doctor – searches for the murdered inhabitants in the town at night and heals them. When they come to the victim, they raise them with both hands by their shoulders – clearly and demonstratively, so that the townsperson knows that he has been cured. A doctor can not cry „murder,“ because his job is to look for victims, not criminals.

Detective – at night his goal is not to be killed. If a detective is killed at night, the mafia wins at once (when it becomes clear that a detective has been killed). During the day, the detective can show everyone his card and say that he is a detective. Then he acquires the right to eliminate any resident suspected of being a mafia representative. There is no need to vote, and to speak a defensive speach. A detective has the right to throw people out of town during the entire game, but he / she does not need to use that right all the time, he can remain undercover for some time.

Vampire – Does not belong to townspeople or mafia, he plays for himself. The goal of the vampire is to make 4/10 of the population vampires. At night, the vampire is looking for corpses like all other townspeople, but upon finding a corpse he does not shout „murder.“ Instead, the vampire comes near and quietly whispers in the ears of the other player „the vampire has bitten you“. This vampire can only be active in the dark at night time.


Night phase

The game begins at night when the lights go out or all the participants cover their eyes with a scarf. In the dark, the mafia starts to do their bloody work – to kill the townspeople. During the night, the mafia can kill any number of townspeople – it’s even possible that all the townspeople will be killed during the night. While, the townspeople are looking for the murdered people and, if a person is found squatting, the word „murder!“ should be shouted. As soon as you hear such a cry, all the participants stop at the places they currently are and the light is on (or the scarf is removed). Everyone will see who stands where. Then begins the daytime phase.

Day phase

When day time has arrived, all the people who are killed in the town show their cards and put them all in one place that is agreed on and go out of the game. If you want to play more realistically, the corpses can remain lying or squatting in the same place throughout the day as long as the discussion about who killed them is going on. All participants stay in their places and decide who might be a mafia member. Then, as in the main game version, a vote is taken place, a defensive speech is said and one person is voted out.

Townspeople can only win if they find the corpse and the game moves into the day phase. Therefore, the decision made in the phase of the day is very important, it should be well considered, because every day may be the last one – at night the mafia can eliminate all the remaining townspeople from the game. If the vote is correct and the mafia representative is guessed, the pace of killing will be reduced. When the town arrives at a joint decision and eliminates one participant, all dead and eliminated players leave the game area and the game continues. The lights are out or eyes are covered and the night phase is played again.

End of the game

The mafia wins the game if there are as many or more mafia members as there are townspeople remaining. The mafia also wins if there are no more townspeople remaining.

The townspeople win the game if all the mafia players are eliminated out of the game.

A vampire wins the game if he converts 4/10 players in to vampires. The vampires win has a priority, since he is the only one in the game and he managed to survive until the last possible combination. For example, if there are 2 mafia members, 2 townspeople and 1 vampire left in the game, the vampire is winning the game, because he is not interested in either the victory of the mafia or the towns side, so it makes no sense for him to vote. In this case, the mafia will not be able to win because the vampire has a preference.